Sample Submission

1) Call or E-mail Us
Discuss your materials or analytical problem by phone or e-mail with one of our professional scientists/engineers so we can understand the nature of your problem and can work in partnership with you to develop a plan for analysis.  We will provide quotes based on our agreed upon plan of analysis.

Rush Jobs: We often work extra hours to complete rush jobs for our customers, but our ability to accommodate rush jobs will depend on our capacity.  Note that rush jobs typically incur higher fees, most commonly a 25 to 50% higher fee.  The rush fee is dependent upon our overall workload, the availability of scientists, and the number of other expedited projects. Our rush fees are commonly lower than the 50% to 100% rush fees charged by many laboratories.

2) Obtain a PO / Provide Payment Info
Obtain a purchase order or provide us with credit card information to charge once the analysis is complete and has been reported to you. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express cards.  We accept payments through Paypal also.  Check payments should be sent to our laboratory address given in the heading of each of our website pages.

3) Fill out Sample Submission Form
Fill out a sample submission form or a chain of custody form or both. Return the form or forms to us by e-mail, fax, or send them with the samples to be analyzed. Please note that absolutely no DSC analysis will be performed without this form being completely filled out due to the sensitivity of the DSC to corrosive attack.  If your material may be corrosive, we must be informed of this or authorized to perform other analyses to determine for ourselves whether your samples are corrosive.  DSC analysis is performed at your risk for DSC cell replacement if you claim your material is not corrosive and that proves false.

4) Select and Send Samples
Proper sample selection and handling is critical to ensuring the integrity and accuracy of results, as well as for preventing any delays or rework.  Please see our sample selection and handling guide for guidance on important factors to consider.  Samples should be sent to our laboratory address, which is given on every one of our web pages.

A four page, easily printed, summary of our capabilities can be found here.