To Improve Your Product and Enhance Your Productivity

Our team of Ph.D. scientists collaborates with you to help develop goal-directed solutions to your materials interests and problems. We are delighted to discuss the background of your problem, help you define the tasks necessary to address your requirements, produce the needed analysis, and discuss the solution pathway elucidated by the analytical results obtained.

Our capabilities give us many powerful tools to apply to your materials and process evaluations. We produce comprehensive written reports to ensure that you can fully understand and independently examine the analytical results and conclusions. This establishes a documented history for future process and product development and quality control issues.  It is usually a great idea to also characterize your materials when all appears fine as a baseline for any future problems with your materials or their processing.

We are your path to replacing speculation with understanding, whether your problem is due to contamination, corrosion, process control, vendor error, unknown properties of new materials, a new property requirement, or the usual unruly suspects.”
-Dr. Charles R. Anderson

A four page, easily printed, summary of our capabilities can be found here.