Mass Spectroscopy

Mass Spectrometer Specifications:

  • Stanford Research Systems RGA200 Residual Gas Analyzer
  • Mass Range: 1 to 200 amu
  • Mass Filter Type: Quadrupole
  • Detector Type: Faraday Cup and Electron Multiplier
  • Resolution: Greater than 0.5 amu at 10% peak height
  • Minimum Detectable Partial Pressure: 5 x 10-11 Torr with Faraday Cup
  • Minimum Detectable Partial Pressure: 5 x 10-14 Torr with Electron Multiplier
  • Operating Pressure Range: 10-4 Torr to UHV with Faraday Cup
  • Operating Pressure Range: 10-6 Torr to UHV with Electron Multiplier
  • Ionizer: Open, cylindrical symmetry ion source
  • Filament: Thoriated Iridium


Mass Spectroscopy Applications:

  • Outgassing measurements of silicone materials
  • Outgassing of water from materials
  • Identification of chemicals outgassed by materials
  • Identification of contaminants
  • Leak detection for vacuum systems