In 1995, Dr. Charles R. Anderson founded Anderson Materials Evaluation, Inc. in order to offer high-quality materials problem-solving laboratory services to a wide range of customers, especially those of the private sector.  Dr. Anderson had previously worked for Lockheed Martin Laboratories, the Naval Surface Warfare Center, and Case Western Reserve University.  AME initially started with equipment purchased from Lockheed Martin’s Surface Analysis Lab in which Dr. Anderson had worked until the closing of the Baltimore Lockheed Martin Laboratories. We are very grateful to our early customers for their support, which allowed us to quickly begin expanding the range of analytical tools used to serve our clients.

In 2002, Dr. Lorrie Krebs, a materials scientist and engineer, joined AME and since has become a co-owner of the laboratories, contributing greatly to the company’s expertise and leadership as our Vice President and a project manager. Over the years, we have acquired the services of several very qualified experts in a number of the analytical materials sciences both on our staff and as consultants.  In 2011, Dr. Kevin Wepasnick, a chemist, joined our staff and quickly became a key scientist and project manager at AME.  He is now our Laboratory Director. While our staff is small, its quality is extremely high. Charles, Lorrie, and Kevin can tackle many very difficult materials problems and have a record of solving problems other materials analysis laboratories were not able to solve. We also often have help from our graduate student, undergraduate student, and high school interns.

We are constantly expanding the number of our in-house proprietary analytical procedures based on the specialty knowledge of our staff and our keen insight on how to marshal multiple techniques to solve materials problems.  With the support of our many faithful customers and our dedicated staff, we will continue to add to our expertise and capabilities to better address more of the analytical, testing, consulting, and expert witness needs of our customers.  We thank you for now allowing us to provide these services for 22 years!