California VOC Testing of Pesticides by TGA

Anderson Materials Evaluation, Inc. provides the California VOC testing by thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) of volatile organic compounds (VOC) for pesticides and fumigants required by the Department of Pesticide Regulation in the California Environmental Protection Agency.

The California regulatory requirement is found here.  Pesticides and field fumigants are tested for volatile organic compounds.  Water and some organic compounds are exempted from the regulatory requirement.

The Estimation of Volatile Emission Potential of Pesticides by Thermogravimetry explains the test method.  Every pesticide or fumigant has to have 3 samples characterized by Test Method 1 using a final holding temperature of 115°C.  If a pesticide fails to establish a stable weight after 80 minutes at 115°C, it must be subjected to a triplicate test using Test Method 2 at a holding temperature of 55°C for 11 hours.  The final weight is then subtracted from the initial weight to find the total volatiles weight.  The weight of water in the formulation and of any exempted volatile organic compounds is subtracted from this total volatile weight loss.  This final remainder is then reported to the state of California.

Inquiries about the CA VOC TGA testing should be addressed to Dr. Kevin Wepasnick or by e-mail to: