Materials and Chemical Analysis

Anderson Materials Evaluation deploys its array of analytical techniques and the experience of its Ph.D. materials scientists and chemists to provide top-tier analysis and consulting services.

Materials characterization, failure analysis, quality control, and materials and process development services are offered.  Our analytical techniques allow us to assess elemental and chemical material composition, thermal properties, coating thickness, electrochemical properties, surface chemistry, surface wetting, corrosion rates and pitting potentials, contamination and degradation problems, tensile and compressive strength, elasticity properties, metallography, fractography, phase transitions, static coefficient of friction, adhesive bonding strength and causes of adhesive bonding failures, and many other material properties integral to improving your products.

We have conducted analyses on a broad range of materials processed in a multitude of ways and used in thousands of applications in many hundreds of environments.  To learn more about our experience with different material types explore our Materials section (at left).  To learn more about our analytical areas of expertise explore our Areas of Expertise section (at left).  You may also contact us at (410) 740-8562 to discuss your particular problem or materials analysis needs with one of our Ph.D. scientists.

A four page, easily printed, summary of our capabilities can be found here.