Anderson Materials Evaluation, Inc.

Anderson Materials Evaluation is an independent laboratory established 20 years ago offering materials analysis and testing, failure analysis, quality control, and materials and process research and development services.  We also consult and provide expert witness services.  Expert corrosion analysis, surface analysis, thermal analysis, microscopy, and infra-red absorption, x-ray emission, UV-Visible spectroscopy, and mass spectroscopy services for materials analysis ranging from nanomaterials through thin films and coatings to bulk materials are all offered.  We have extensive experience with metal, polymer, inorganic compound, mineral, ceramic, glass, semiconductor, and composite materials.

Our Ph.D. materials scientists and chemists specialize in custom and innovative analyses to solve your most stubborn and complex materials challenges. Our laboratory is available to augment your existing materials analysis and R&D capabilities by performing analyses not available to many companies in-house. With intelligent planning of an analytical investigation, we efficiently maximize your understanding, while minimizing your expenses.

Based in the Baltimore-Washington technology corridor, our laboratory provides independent technical evidence and advice for a broad spectrum of commercial applications and market sectors. Each project is managed by at least one of our Ph.D. scientists.  In operation since 1995, our laboratory has served many of the most respected organizations in industry and academia, as well as start-up, small, and medium-sized businesses, each of whose success is critically important to us.

A four page, easily printed, summary of our capabilities can be found here.

Services Include:

  • Materials Analysis
  • Materials Testing
  • Failure Analysis
  • Quality Control
  • Materials & Process Development
  • Materials Identification, Verification
  • Contamination Detection
  • Consulting
  • Expert Witness


  • XPS Surface Analysis
  • Thermal Analysis, TGA, DSC, TMA
  • Corrosion & Electrochemistry
  • FTIR-ATR Infra-Red Spectroscopy
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy, SEM
  • X-ray Emission Spectroscopy, EDX
  • Optical Microscopy
  • RGA Mass Spectroscopy
  • Metallography & Fractography
  • Cross-Section Analysis
  • Contact Angle Measurements
  • UV-Vis Spectrophotometry